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Pre-Marriage Seminar - April 13 , 2019

Sorry, Registration is not available at this time

8:50am - 3:30pm
Cost - $95 a couple

Each person needs to register, with one partner paying the fee.

First partner: In the Registration Type field, choose 'First partner - Paying fee ($95),' then complete the page. You will have the option to register a second person on the next page; otherwise, your partner must register separately. 

Second partner: In the Registration Type field, choose 'Second partner - Fee paid by first partner,' then complete the page. 

Registration will close on April 11 . 
If you need financial assistance, please email Veronica before completing the registration.

Click 'Register Someone Else' to sign up your partner. When you are finished registering yourself and/or your partner, click 'Finish Registration.'

Fill out the form on the next page to make your payment.

Registration for the Pre-Marriage Seminar is closed.

If you have any questions, please email Veronica@pacificcrossroads.org.

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